Cold Room
Cold Room has a modular design and widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries. It require low maintenance and offers high performance efficiency and compactness.
Ice Maker
Ice Maker is used for making ice on a large scale in industrial areas. It is controlled by microcontroller and fully automated. This machine provides high performance efficiency and durability.
Water Coolers
Water Coolers are mounted in schools, banks, offices and many other places for drinking water. These are compact in size and do not require much space for installation.

Water Dispenser
Water Dispenser is highly acclaimed in banks, offices, hospitals, multinational companies for drinking water. It has an attractive appearance, compact size and simple features. This machine provide both hot and cold water.
Deep Freezer
Deep Freezer is extensively utilized for freezing as well as preserving seafood, vegetables, meat etc. in industrial sectors. It provides quick freezing and has a robust construction. It consumes less power and offers optimum performance.
Blast Freezer
Blast Freezer is designed for commercial kitchens and several other organizations that are indulge in food production as well as distribution. It is eminent in quick cooling of food items along with ensuring their freshness.
Cold Chamber
Cold Chamber is known for cooling or freezing meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables in industries and commercial areas. For easy monitoring of temperature, it is featured with LED/LCD display.

Blast Chiller
Blast Chiller is helpful in chilling food items way too quickly before the bacterial growth that can degrade the quality of food. It keeps the food fresh as well as flavorful.
Bottle Cooler
Bottle Cooler is also known as beverage refrigerator which is used in commercial fields for freezing of drinks and other items. It is compact in size and has a glass door for the display of bottles.
Commercial Freezer
Commercial Freezer is widely used in various retail shops, meat shops and warehouses for preserving items at low temperature. It is highly spacious and capable of storing products in bulk.
Fruit Ripening Chamber
Fruit Ripening Chamber is constructed for stimulating ripening processes of fruits without affecting their flavor and freshness. It is checked on different parameters such as humidity, temperature etc.
PUF Insulated Panel
PUF insulated panel and other accessories are necessary to develop a cold room structure. The high quality of these material ensures enhanced life, hygiene and efficacy of the cold room.

Trufrost Pharmacy Refrigerator
Trufrost Pharmacy Refrigerator is a type of refrigerator which is used in pharmacy for keeping the injections and various medicines in a cold place. This is very effective and provides huge benefits. This is easy to carry and simple to handle. 
Blue Star Ice Cube Machine
Blue Star Ice Cube Machine is a type of ice cube machine which is used for making ice cubes in huge quantities. This machine helps in providing these cubes in a shorter time period. This machine is very easy to install as well as simple to operate. 

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